Pixel Art

School project to create a pixel art based on Mario.

Pixel Art - Remy B


Website design for a smart fan company as a design challenge at work

Smartilator - Remy B

Henky Penky

New logo, menu, graphics and an app for a local snackbar.

Henky Penky - Remy B

Glasatelier Saillart

Website design, webshop design, website development for glass blower specialized in laboratory glassware.

SunWave - Remy B

Software Agency

Website design for a software agency. not in use

SunWave - Remy B

Infrasecurity Agency

Website design for an infrasecurity agency. not in use

Infrasecurity Agency - Remy B


Redesigned the webshop for a webshop in network articles.

NetwerkWinkel - Remy B


Design for webshop / website for antique furniture & decoration.

Barlington - Remy B


Logo, posters, cups, merchandise for a self made music festival.

SunWave - Remy B

Concrete CMS

Website / webapp design for a content management system, personal project.

SunWave - Remy B


App design for company specialized in weighing vehicles for businesses

SunWave - Remy B